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Capabilities Overview

Conductive Technologies (CTI) is a global leader in the field of advanced printed electronics, ablated circuitry and electrochemical sensors. We offer our customers a wealth of development and production capabilities refined over the past 45 years enabling the design and functionality of our customer’s innovations. CTI provides a full range of R&D and Manufacturing services through a team of innovative scientists and engineers assisting our customers in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Our precision printing and production processes utilize advanced vision system die-cutting, high-speed multi-process presses, robotic assembly and digital proofing to expedite through-put.

Our depth of experience is focused within a variety of IVD medical device, diagnostic, research laboratory, industrial and government markets adhering to the strictest quality and regulatory standards.

Our Services Include:

  • Research and Development – from project feasibility, to prototype and commercial scale-up.  Supported by CTI’s on-site blood and analytical chemistry labs.
  • Prototyping – assuring the commercial feasibility and enhancement of a product concept in a rapid manner.
  • Regulatory Assistance – assist our customers with donor studies for their regulatory submissions.
  • Contract Manufacturing – providing for fast transitions out of development to scaled production.

Manufacturing Processes:

  • Excimer Laser (Ablation) – IDE circuits, electrodes and other advanced circuitry.
  • Reagent Deposition – Micro and screen printed deposition lines.
  • Printing Processes – Fine line, high-definition, automatic silk screen printing capabilities with conductive and non-conductive inks, reagents and adhesives.
  • Galvo Lasers – drilling, cutting, and etching.
  • Optical Inspection Systems – ensuring the highest quality.
  • Plasma Treatment – surface modification.
  • Sterilization
  • Environmental Rooms – Hi/Low Temperature & Hi/Low Humidity process control.
  • Class 10,000 clean room – product manufacturing, assembly and finishing.
  • Singulation & Vialing – whether utilizing a laser or die cutting capability, we can drill, cut, etch or kiss-cut.
  • Final Packaging – for end products such as electrochemical and biosensors, printed electronics, flexible heaters, and wellplates.

Specialty Areas:

  • Ablated Circuits
  • Assay and Reagent Development
  • Biochips & Microfluidic Devices
  • Clinical Trial and Regulatory Application Assistance
  • Donor Studies
  • Electrochemical & Biosensors
  • Hybrid Sensors (ablated with micro-overprinting)
  • Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) Heaters
  • Product Performance Testing
  • Printed Electrodes (PE’s), Microelectrodes and Ion Selective Electrodes
  • Reagent Development & Deposition (Micro & Screen deposition processes)
  • User Interface/Control Panels (Membrane Switch/Capacitive)
  • Wellplate Circuitry & Reagent Deposition

CTI’s comprehensive capabilities provide a turnkey option to meet all of your development and manufacturing needs, thus accelerating the time to market.

Contact us today to discuss your program’s specifications and/or manufacturing requirements.