Biochips / Microfluidics


Biochips offer miniaturized Multiplexed Point of Care Test (MPOCT) capabilities. These chips reside on silicon or other solid substrates that permit numerous tests to be performed at the same time.  Typically biochip circuits are produced using photolithography which is a slow and costly process. Conductive Technologies (CTI) offers an exceptionally cost effective alternative to the photolithography process, by ablating a sputtered gold film leaving micro-circuits as fine as 5 microns (with optimization).  Secondary printing process can then be employed to create wells, dielectric surfaces and other features on the biochip at a fraction of the cost of circuits using the spin-coating/photolithography processes.


As biochips are often integrated into microfluidic devices, CTI offers engineering and manufacturing services to complete your device into a finished good or component for cassette/module based assays.