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As a US based leader in the field of advanced printed electronics, ablated circuitry and electrochemical sensors, Conductive Technologies’ (CTI) 110,000 sq. ft. (10,000 m2) state of the art facility provides our customers with access to a wealth of capabilities, providing turnkey contract manufacturing solutions.

CTI provides a full range of Contract Research, Development and Manufacturing services with a team of innovative scientists and engineers to assist our customers in a timely and cost-effective manner. As a developer and manufacturer of printed electronics our capabilities span the range from complex electrochemical and wearable biosensors to printed electrodes and user interface panels. Our services enhance the design and functionality of our customer’s products.

Our fine line printing, ablation and production processes utilize advanced lasers, vision systems for die-cutting and optical inspection, high-speed multi-process presses, robotic assembly, and digital proofing to expedite through-put. These capabilities and more have assured our customers in the successful transformation of their ideas into commercially successful devices for more than 45 years.

We bring a broad range and depth of experience in working within a variety of IVD medical device, diagnostic, research laboratory, industrial and government markets while adhering to the strictest quality and regulatory standards in our ISO 13485, EN ISO 13485 & ISO 9001 certified and FDA registered facilities.

Manufacturing Processes Include:

    • Laser Ablation – IDE circuits, electrodes and other advanced circuitry.

    • Screen Printing– Fine line, high-definition, automatic silk screen printing capabilities with conductive and non-conductive inks, reagents and adhesives.

    • Reagent Deposition – Micro and screen printed deposition production lines.

    • Singulation & Vialing– whether utilizing a laser or die cutting capability, we can drill, cut, etch or kiss-cut.

  • Optical Inspection Systems – ensuring the highest quality.
  • Plasma Treatment – surface modification.
  • Sterilization
  • Environmental Rooms - Hi/Low Temperature & Hi/Low Humidity process control.
  • Class 10,000 clean room – product manufacturing, assembly and finishing.
  • Final Packaging – for end products such as electrochemical and biosensors, printed electronic, flexible heaters, wellplates.

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