Research Scientist

Position Summary: Create new technical ideas, approaches and programs to meet the demand of new product development. Write and review testing protocols to achieve project goals. Keep abreast of patents/journals for new technologies in relevant research areas. Develop and formulate recipes for certain experimental or production-level reagent/ink batches for different target species. Build test-strip samples, run tests using bio-samples (i.e. blood) or control solutions in an ISO 13485 environment. Work up data and report test results and conclusions internally or to external customers using Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Minitab (or similar). Assist in filing intellectual property (patents) as needed. Keep R&D lab and storage areas in order. Order lab supplies and chemicals. Ship items and deal with customers as directed.

Position Responsibilities:
• Formulating hypotheses based on existing research data, collaborating with other scientists to develop experiments to test these hypotheses, and analyzing the results to make informed conclusions
• Researching topics related to the application of existing technologies or new technologies to meet specific objectives or goals
• Assessing other scientists’ experimental methods to ensure they’re sound and reproducible
• Researching methods to develop new products depending on biological processes, chemical reactions, or physical phenomena such as electrical conductivity
• Interpreting results using various statistical methods, such as factor analysis, hypothesis testing, and other tests, to determine whether they support hypotheses
• Assessing results using various statistical methods, such as factor analysis, hypothesis testing, and other tests, to determine whether they support hypotheses
• Construct samples and carry out test protocols for the development of new products and processes as directed.
• Formulate reagent batches for experiments or production.
• Publish experimental results and write reports in a manner defined by supervision.
• Provide technical assistance and training to other personnel and departments.

Special Skills Required:
• Must have prior experience working with blood and bio-samples. Needs to have had Hepatitis B vaccine series.
• Experience in medical device (IVD) industry, biosensors and electrochemical methods.
• Proficiency in computer skills such as graphing data, writing reports, and making presentations (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, statistical software, writing macros).
• Knowledge of general chemistry calculations related to concentrations (e.g. moles, molarity, weight%, etc.…).
• Willingness and ability to be qualified to wear a respirator if needed when dealing with certain chemicals or materials.
• Ability to search literature (e.g. patents, journals, web) in relevant research areas.
• Able to recognize problems and adapt sample build and testing methods with limited supervision as need arises. Ability to recognize resources within the company. Suggests improvements for efficiency and effectiveness.
• Attention to detail when running tests and reporting results for simultaneous projects at a given time.
• Ability to communicate with other employees, lead personnel, supervisors, vendors and customers and be a team player.
• Have problem solving, analytical skills and desire to understand ‘big picture’ of tasks assigned.
• Ability and knowledge to work with various types of lab equipment and chemicals in an ISO/GMP environment.

• Ph.D. in Chemistry or related science field with 3+ years’ experience in a laboratory setting.

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