When it comes to the emerging field of wearable sensors, most of us envision a device that tracks our latest physical activity with heart rate. For those of us fortunate enough to enjoy winter a couple months every year, we often seek something a little more warming. That’s where PTC heaters can help play an important role in the evolution of heated apparel technology (gloves, scarfs or vests). Let’s not forget other uses like car seat heaters, defogging mirrors, warming plates or blankets, holding cabinets, radiant floor heating, coffee cup warmers, etc…

PTC heaters are unique in that they draw a very small amount of current and can achieve up to 80°C (+175°F) within a range of 3-12 VDC. Other than the low power requirements, another unique characteristic is even with a hole punched through the heating element, they keep on working (see infrared pic). Nice feature when it comes to reliability and warranty. Critical parameters for heater construction include target temperature, heater physical shape, connectors, type of substrate, and applied voltage.

CTI has the capability to print these PTC heaters and offer suggested inks and substrates to meet our customer’s needs. For a sample sheet of PTC heaters or consultation of your application please contact us to get your heater project started.