Wearable Sensor TPU Printing by Conductive Technologies

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  • Samples are provided on a stretchable 100 micron TPU on a removable liner utilizing a stretchable conductive silver ink.
  • Our fine line printing is demonstrated by the vertical lines on either side of the wearable TPU sample.
  • The dimensions for these finely printed lines are:
    • 010” (0.25 mm or 250 µ) Trace
    • 008” (0.20 mm or 200 µ) Gap
  • The slight angle of these finely printed vertical lines demonstrates our control of fine line printing using this stretchable conductive silver ink on a TPU substrate.
  • Our fine line printing is further demonstrated by the text under Conductive Technologies going down to a 5 pt. font size using this stretchable conductive silver ink.
  • Finally, we’ve included various styles of logo line work which are going in all different directions with a very clean edge demonstrating our print control.