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CTI has contracted with Healthcare and Medical Device companies in the design, development and commercialization of numerous biosensors used in a variety of diagnostic devices utilizing our unique range of capabilities

Contact our Conductive Technologies Inc. team today to discuss your electrochemical sensor needs for your Healthcare or Medical Device Company.

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Phase Zero Sensors ~ Enabling your innovation

Utilizing CTI’s Phase Zero Sensors, our Phase zero gold sheets enable our clients to more easily transition from proof-of-concept to production by providing easier workflow for larger scale development projects with sheets vs individual sensors. Phase Zero sensors are made using the same materials, processes and equipment that we use for large volume, commercial production.

Check out CTI's Phase Zero Sensors. These sensors support early stage development in the design of an assay for measurement of electrochemical signals between test fluids (bodily or otherwise) and a targeted analyte via a potentiostat.

There are 5 types available:

CSCL4W - Carbon WE Standard, 25/vial
GSCL2W - Gold WE Standard, 25/vial
GSCL4D - Gold IDE, 25/vial
CSCL4WSH - 2 mm Carbon WE Standard Sheets, 68 sensors
GSCL2WSH - 2 mm Gold WE Standard Sheets, 68 sensors

These sensors are available and awaiting your order today so please give us a call at (800) 706-0618.

At Conductive Technologies, our world-class team of Ph.D. scientists and chemists are prepared to assist you with the development and optimization of assays and reagents for your electrochemical biosensor projects. Our projects have ranged from diagnostic assays used in laboratory and point of care tests to immunoassays incorporating antibodies or aptamers for detection of viruses.

CTI has experience utilizing polymers to modify reagents to better support deposition at commercial volumes. We have several options for deposition and will select the system which yields the best results for reagent performance and commercial scale-up.

Please contact us to leverage our team’s experience and resources to ensure successful assay development and reagent optimization to support commercial scale-up of your electrochemical biosensor.

The manufacture of PTC heaters requires careful control to provide the consistent temperature you are looking for. Customers of Conductive Technologies’ PTC heaters are the beneficiaries of our tight environmental and manufacturing controls.

Decades of producing medical electrodes have taught us how to produce within a tighter resistance range which delivers an exacting temperature for your heater.

Trust a company that prints millions of products that protect people’s health every day. Share your design with us and feel confident having Conductive Technologies manufacture your printed heaters.

We are pleased to announce that Kelly Killmayer has joined CTI as Manager of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs.

In this role, Kelly will be responsible for the Quality Department and all related activities.

Kelly will work cross-functionally with the Business Development Team, Program Development, R&D, Quality and Operations on current opportunities and will lay down the QA/RA framework for future products.

Kelly comes to CTI most recently from Oakworks Inc., where she was responsible for Regulatory Affairs and Quality. She brings extensive experience in the use of QT9 and was responsible for the implementation of that system. She is knowledgeable in ISO 13485, 21 CFR 820, MDD 93/42/EEC and MDR 2017/745. Prior to Oakworks Inc., Kelly gained Regulatory and Quality experience at Dentsply, Lennox Industries and DeVilbiss Healthcare.

Kelly has her Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Davis and Elkins College in Elkins, West Virginia.

Conductive Technologies Inc. offers Phase Zero Biosensors in sheets for easy scale up of your development projects

We are pleased to announce that Bridgett Wynkoop has joined CTI as Marketing Manager.

In this role, Bridgett will develop the go-to market strategies for CTI’s products both OEM and Branded.

She will work closely with the Business Development Team, Program Development, R&D, Quality and Operations.

Bridgett comes to CTI most recently from Becton Dickinson in Sparks, MD where she was the Worldwide Product Manager for Industrial Microbiology Products. Prior to BD, Bridgett was the Worldwide Product Manager for Natural Toxins at Neogen Corporation. Bridgett began her professional career in technical sales in the animal health industry.

Bridgett has her undergraduate degree in Animal Science from Michigan State University and her MBA in Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing from St. Joseph’s University.

Contact Bridgett at [email protected]