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Phase Zero Sensors ~ Enabling your innovation

Utilizing CTI’s Phase Zero sensors enables our clients to more easily transition from proof-of-concept to production as they are made using the same materials, processes and equipment that we use for large volume, commercial production. Check out CTI's Phase Zero Sensors. These sensors support early stage development in the design of an assay for measurement […]

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Introducing Erik Sventeckis to our Conductive Technologies Inc. Business Development team!

Erik is our new Business Development Manager for the West Coast and brings 13+ years of experience in the manufacture and sales of printed electronics including diagnostic test strip, therapeutic patches, wearable monitoring sensors,  antennas, heaters, electrochromic displays, and electroluminescent lamps in sheet or roll form. Erik’s education includes a Chemical engineering degree from Purdue […]

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Laser Ablation of electrochemical sensors in a clean room environment

Conductive Technologies (CTI) utilizes precision laser ablation techniques for creating intricate features into thin metal films for components used in numerous electrochemical sensor products.  CTI’s impedance Microtiter plates (also known as 96 well plates, or well plates) incorporate microelectrodes in each well enabling faster cell characterization and diagnostic binding assays.  CTI can ablate features as […]

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Electrochemical-Based Biosensors

Conductive Technologies Inc. designs, develops and manufactures custom screen printed electrodes and electrochemical-based biosensors utilizing our fine line printing, precious metal ablation and reagent deposition. CTI has 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space including controlled environments with dedicated low and high humidity rooms and Class 10,000 clean rooms. Contract Manufacturing– providing for fast transitions out […]

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Conductive Technologies (CTI): Your COVID-19 Diagnostic Test Manufacturing Partner

Diagnostic companies are pulling out all the stops to meet the testing demands brought on by COVID-19. Let CTI assist you in developing and manufacturing your COVID-19 test or augment your manufacturing capacity with our fast and nimble turnkey solutions: CTI has 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space including controlled environments with dedicated low and […]

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Shopping for Sensor Manufacturing?

CTI has spent a considerable amount of time (45yrs) and resources to find the right mix of capabilities for manufacturing high quality electrochemical biosensors. Techniques like ablation, deposition and fine-line screen printing are an art that we have perfected. Many times we have been able to offer customers an alternative and unique approach that has […]

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When it comes to the emerging field of wearable sensors, most of us envision a device that tracks our latest physical activity with heart rate. For those of us fortunate enough to enjoy winter a couple months every year, we often seek something a little more warming. That’s where PTC heaters can help play an […]

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Surface topography is important as it relates to material properties and specifically the multiple layers of screen printing conductive materials. Achieving cooperation and adhesion between materials is a science to take into account when diving into your first foray of electrochemical biosensors. Pictured on the left is 100x ablated thin film gold (500Å) and the […]

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